Navigating the summer sales in July comes down to one thing: strategy. Because if you’re only thinking about the items you need in July, then you might be missing out on serious savings on things you’ll definitely need to purchase/replace down the road. Here, seven items to keep tabs on this month.

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july sales jacket

Puffer Coats

We get it: The last thing you can bear to do is try on a puffer coat when temps are soaring into the 80s and 90s. Still, shopping now for this cold-weather staple could net you a discount to the tune of 30 to 50 percent off. Hit up major retailers (think Nordstrom or Lord & Taylor) for savings.

july sales bathingsuit


Another savings opportunity that may surprise you: Bathing suit markdowns begin as early as July. Here’s why: Stores are starting to make way for fall merchandise. (No, it’s not there yet, but it’s on the horizon.) Plus, most people have already shopped for the swimsuit styles they need this season. Expect to see savings hovering around 15 to 25 percent off.

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july sales paints


’Tis the season for indoor—and outdoor—DIYs. (Think about it: If the weather’s warm and breezy, it’s easier for projects to air-dry.) Places like Lowe’s know this, which is why they offer small discounts. (Usually around 10 to 15 percent off.)

july sales camcorder


Sure, your iPhone can record video, but even that can’t compete with some of the slick camcorder options on the market. Brands like Sony and Panasonic tend to unveil new models in the fall (just in time for the holidays), which means you’ll see price drops on this year’s models—even the ones with the latest bells and whistles like 4K and time-lapse recording—as early as July.

julysales camping

Camping Gear

Markdowns on everything from sleeping bags to tents to coolers are the norm in July, given that it’s peak camping season, and retailers want to move merchandise. Still, your best bet is to shop toward the end of the month when the season is beginning to wind down. (You could start to see deals as high as 60 percent off.)

july sales AC
robertomm/Getty Images

Air Conditioners

If you’ve made it through June without an AC unit, stores assume you’re set for the year. That’s why they start to offer savings to sweeten the deal should you decide to invest. (Usually around 10 to 20 percent off.) Just don’t time your shopping with a weather forecast that’s predicting the hottest day of the year. 

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july sales travel

Last-Minute Fourth of July Travel

Sure, planning ahead is the grown-up way to approach the holiday. But sometimes, being a last-minute lady can help you score a pretty sweet flight or airfare deal. Your best bet is to subscribe to e-newsletters that offer daily travel promotions (we love The Flight Deal) and click through religiously in the week leading up to the weekend.

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