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So you slept through Black Friday. No stress. There are still plenty of savings to experience all month long in December. Here, six to keep tabs on this month.

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brussels sprouts things on sale in december
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Brussels Sprouts

One trip to your farmers’ market and you’ll see: Brussels sprouts are in season and a steal this time of year. They’re also the perfect veggie to roast and serve for holiday gatherings, so it works out perfectly. Expect to nab them by the pound for $1 to $2 less than what you typically spend.

cookware things on sale in december


If you’ve been holding out for a new Dutch oven or 14-piece set of pots and pans, now’s the time to snap it up at a discount. Retailers expect that you’ve got entertaining on the brain this time of year, which is why they offer major deals on otherwise pricy culinary items—sometimes as much as 50 percent off.

gift cards things on sale in december

Gift Cards

In this case, you might have to spend money to make money—but if that means you can buy the new iPhone 8 at Target (something you were already in the market for) and walk away with a $250 gift card for future purchases, it might be worth it. And it’s not just retailers who are getting in on the game. Restaurant chains (from steakhouses to fast-food joints) tend to offer savings on gift card buys, sometimes as much as 15 to 20 percent off.

4K TVs things on sale in december
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4K TVs

They were on super-sale for Black Friday, but you’ll still see savings throughout December since the new technology is perfect for gifting come December 25. The deals might not be as doorbuster-worthy, but retailers like Costco and Best Buy will continue to offer savings to the tune of 20 percent off on 2017 models.

toys things on sale in december


Christmas makes December the biggest month for toy sales, which is why retailers tend to offer special discounts on a variety of name brands. Still, there are two tricks to scoring the best deals. First, do your shopping the first two weeks of the month. (It’s all about being the early bird vs. the shopper in panic mode.) Second, go for the toys that aren’t the hottest of the year. (For example, classics like Legos, train sets, dollhouses and more.)

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christmas decor things on sale in december

Christmas Décor

You’ll score discounts as high as 60 percent off—as long as you don’t buy it before December 24.

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