Flashback to June, when you were salivating at all the gorgeous summer things (bathing suits! espadrilles! sunhats!) you absolutely had to have. Well, good news for anyone who held out: All the best summer merch is officially on sale. Here, six things to spend your cash on in August if you want to score a serious deal. 

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patio furniture

Patio Equipment

You’ve still got a solid four to six weeks left to enjoy al fresco weather. Even better news: Retailers are ready to clear the way for fall merchandise, so you can invest in brand-new (and totally weather-proofed) outdoor furniture for as much as 50 percent off this month. FYI, you'll see the biggest savings at major retailers like Target, Macy’s and more.



OK, so the savings on a new computer aren’t going to be major, but if you’re hoping to snag at least some sort of discount, back-to-school shopping is the prime time. Typically, laptop prices drop as much as 25 percent in August to make them more affordable for students looking to snap up the latest tech. (Best Buy—which also offers price matching—is going to be your best bet to save.)

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lawn mowers
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Lawn Mowers

Winter Snow is coming. You probably won’t need to bust out your lawn mower and prune the grass for that much longer. Stores know this and offer savings (sometimes as much as 15 to 20 percent off) to get you to buy.


Swimsuits, Sunhats and Espadrilles

If you’re still on the hunt for summer attire—or just looking for classics you can totally wear next year—now’s the time to head to the clearance racks. Bathing suits, shorts, tanks and sundresses are all significantly marked down. In fact, you may be able to score savings as high as 60 percent.



Kids need one for back to school; you need one for [insert travel adventure here]. August is the best time of year to buy one, with markdowns and special promotions on a range of name brands. Just be sure to follow the social media accounts (or register to receive the email newsletters) of your favorite brands. They always announce savings there first.



Cue the bounty at your local farmers’ market. August is peak season for tomatoes (especially heirlooms), which means you can score them by the armload at an extremely discounted rate. If only burrata were simultaneously marked down.

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