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This Simple Job Interview Trick Could Help You Land Your Next Role
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It’s job interview 101: You’ve gotta have a response about your strengths and weaknesses down pat. Sure, it might not be the most original question in the book, but there’s definitely an original way to answer it. (And pssst, the difference could be what helps you land the role.) 

What you do: The next time an interviewer says, Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses, flip the order of your reply: “Well, let me tell you about my weaknesses first.” Here’s where you give an answer about yourself that’s honest but also includes how you overcame it (that part’s key). For example:

"Well, I'm not great with numbers, but I knew having a grasp on the accounting would make me better at my job. So I set up a weekly coffee date with a colleague in the accounting department who broke down the basics for me."

Now it’s time to segue into your strengths.

Why this works: It’s all about ending the question on a positive note versus a negative one. The strengths—which is the part you explained last—will reverberate in the interviewer's head and be what sticks out the most from your reply.

Definitely a smarty-pants strategy. Ping us when you get the job.

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