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Summer is a total wash. November and December are all about the holidays. October, on the other hand, is the month where companies are most likely to post job openings, making it a great time to get hired. (That’s according to LinkedIn who looked at U.S. job postings data for the last five years to reach this conclusion.) We caught up with LinkedIn’s resident career expert Blair Decembrele to get her tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and maximize the employment opportunity.

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October Is the Month with the Most Job Postings—Here’s How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile and Get Hired

First, Update That Profile Pic

Get this: LinkedIn profiles with photos receive up to 21 times more profile views, nine more connection requests and up to 36 more messages. Not sure how to snap a good one? Two words: Portrait mode.

Next, Take a Hard Look at How You Summarize Yourself

You know the “About” section at the top of your profile? That’s actually the most viewed part of your page, which means you want to make sure you update it regularly and that it represents who you are and what you’re looking for. (Pro tip from Decembrele: “Keep it to 40 words or less so it’s more likely to show up in a search.”)

Update Your List of Skills

This is another area that hiring managers look at, so you want to be sure you’re promoting them loud and clear. Not sure how to identify everything you’re good at? You can use LinkedIn’s Skill Assessments tool to verify skills and show that you qualify for job opportunities with specific needs, whether you’re looking to show off your proficiency at Microsoft Excel or the fact that you are a whiz at Javascript.

Make Sure Employers Can Find You

It’s a common quandary: When you’re employed at one place, how do you put the word out that you’re interested in working somewhere else? Enter Open Candidates, a new feature from LinkedIn that privately signals to recruiters that you’re just that—open to new opportunities. (You toggle it on behind-the-scenes on your personal LinkedIn dashboard, but it’s only visible to recruiters and won’t show up on your public profile.)

And That You Know How to Find Them

Final question: How do you find the influx of October postings? According to Decembrele, you should start by filtering your search on LinkedIn by job function, title, industry and more. You can also use the open search box to add key phrases like “remote” or “work-from-home” to find opportunities that meet your specific wants and needs. And keep in mind: Hiring managers post the most opportunities on Monday, so you want to be sure to set up Job Alerts so listings are sent to you in real time.

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