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10 Words on Your LinkedIn Profile That Are Hurting Your Job Search

Whoa, judging from your LinkedIn profile, you’re one pretty accomplished career lady. Still, for some reason, you’re just not getting the job. According to LinkedIn, there are several work-related buzzwords that get overused and actually hurt your chances of standing out. Here, the ten most common ones.

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1. Specialized. Great, but that’s probably easy to see from your work history. Try something more direct: You have a “proven track record” doing X.

2. Leadership. Probably better to use anecdotes that show (versus tell) situations in which you took charge and produced results. (Example: That time you managed a team of 15 to boost sales by 25 percent.)

3. Passionate. Duh, that’s why you’re applying for the job. Swap this word with something a little more unexpected: This role is perfect for you because you “eat, breathe and sleep product design.”

4. Strategic. Again, this is kind of a given (your future employer hopes). Instead, speak to the work you put in to accomplish a super-specific goal.

5. Experienced. This falls under the same umbrella as “specialized.” See above.

6. Focused. Try to think of a word that more explicitly describes what you bring to the table. You’re not just focused; you’re reliable (an employer’s dream).

7. Expert. Cut this word and instead speak to your skills. (Hello, you know SEO like the back of your hand.)

8. Certified. Depending on your profession (say, medical or finance), you may need to use this word. But it’s better to flesh out all the things that make you credible versus summing them up in a single buzzword.

9. Creative. The “queen of brainstorming sessions” sounds a lot better, no?

10. Excellent. So you’re an excellent communicator. Replace this word with a specific example and you should be set.

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