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Mmmm…Pumpkin Spice Lattes. If only they didn’t set you back $5 a pop. Here, seven super-simple tricks that will save you cash on your next Starbucks run.

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Bring a Reusable Mug

Whether it’s a travel cup or regular ol’ mug, the coffee chain will reward your efforts to go green by gifting you a 10-cent discount off every beverage. Sure, it may not feel like a lot, but if you go every workday, that’s 50 cents of savings a week and $26 a year. (Hey, it all adds up.)


Order a Grande Coffee in a Venti Cup

When you think about it, you add almost half an inch of milk to your beloved blonde roast. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense that you have to wastefully pour some of it out just to fit it all in your cup. The solution: Order a grande, but request it in a venti cup instead. Problem solved.


Or Ask for a “Short”

All hail the secret Starbucks menu. Your barista will know just what you mean when you request a “short” beverage instead of a tall. Basically, you’re getting an eight-ounce cup that comes fully loaded with the same amount of caffeine but at a cheaper price. (FYI, costs vary depending on which drink you order.)

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Sign Up for Starbucks Rewards

The perks—like free in-store refills and a complimentary birthday beverage—are kinda huge. Not to mention, with every purchase you make, you rack up “stars” (aka points) that add up to free food and drinks (like those petite vanilla-bean scones, yum).

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Or Get Your Refill to Go for Just 50 Cents

If you don’t have the Starbucks rewards card, you can still refill your coffee or tea for a fraction of the full price. The only catch: You have to get your 50-cent refill before you walk out the door. (Definitely a steal for anyone stationed there all day.)


Never Hesitate to Mention Starbucks Specials

For example, happy hour. Every now and then, specific Starbucks locations offer half-priced drinks for a limited time. (For example, between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m.) It never hurts to ask—especially since you really haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed a venti Frappuccino for just two bucks.

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Sip Water for Free

Yes, the bottled kind is an option if you’re OK shelling out $2—or you could simply approach the barista and request a tall/grande/venti cup of tap water on the house. (No questions asked.)

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