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Here’s How Much to Tip Everyone in Your Life This Holiday Season

Deck the halls with lots of singles…at least that’s how we feel during holiday tipping season. But how much should you give your hairdresser? Your doorman? The guy who schlepped your Christmas tree all the way to your car? This tipping guide will help minimize the guessing games (and any end-of-year money awkwardness).

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The Nanny

One to two weeks’ pay is the norm, but it doesn’t hurt to throw in a handmade gift from your two (totally adorbs) kids. 

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The Dog Walker

If he regularly goes above and beyond, a week’s pay is appropriate here. An alternative if you’d rather not give cash: a gift card to a local (and luxe) spa.

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The Gift Wrapper at the Mall

Paying an extra $1 per present should suffice. But if you’re asking them to wrap 15 gifts, it’s A-OK to cap your tip at $10.

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Your Twice-a-Week Babysitter

An extra one to two nights’ regular pay is fine. Bonus points if you tuck it inside a handmade card from your kids.

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The Cleaning Lady

Show your appreciation for how much she makes your countertops shine by tipping a week’s worth of pay.

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Your Newspaper Deliverer

Aim to tip the cost of a one-month subscription. (For example, the New York Times is approximately $9 a week, so your tip would add up to about $40.)


The Mail Carrier

It’s actually against federal regulations for a postal employee to accept a cash tip or gift card. But you can give a small gift (like a box of chocolates) as long as it isn’t worth more than $20.


The Trash Collector

FYI, in a lot of towns, tipping is prohibited. Check your municipality’s website to find out the exact rules. That said, if you pay for a private service, a cash tip—to the tune of $10 to $30—is king.


Your Hairdresser

If you regularly tip 20 percent every time you get your hair done, a holiday bonus of $25 to $50 for your fave stylist (who you see every ten weeks or so) is enough.


Your Manicurist

Assuming you’re a regular, tip the cost of one visit (i.e., the total you typically spend on one Saturday mani/pedi). 

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Your Personal Trainer

Your tip should match the cost of a single session if you see him on a weekly basis. Oyou could give a small gift. (Anything but sweets, duh.)


Your Doorman/Building Super

Anywhere between $20 and $100 should be good. Scale up (or down) depending on how responsive they are.

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Your Christmas Tree Carrier

Give $5 if they helped you bundle it up and load it onto the roof of your car; $20 if they delivered it all the way to your front door. 

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