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Ladies Represent: Harriet Tubman Will Grace the $20 Bill

After lots and lots and lots of talk about replacing one of the men on a U.S. bill with a woman, the Treasury Department finally announced today who that woman will be: Harriet Tubman.

The brave Underground Railroad conductor and all-round civil rights badass will be the first woman in over a century to be the face of a U.S. dollar bill. Oh, and don’t worry, Hamilton fans, Alexander on the $10 bill is safe. But it is time to say goodbye to Andrew Jackson. Bye, dude!

Still, we won’t be seeing Harriet Tubman’s face for a while--designs for the bill will be made public in 2020…and then we have to wait even longer for the bills to get into circulation (ohhh bureaucracy). But once we get our hands on it, spending $20s will have never been so empowering.

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