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The One Résumé Trick That’ll Save You from Major Embarrassment

Why is it that only after you’ve sent your résumé and cover letter along, you realize you wrote G.P.S. instead of G.P.A.? (Insert face-palm emoji.) Ugh, you could’ve sworn you read it over 25 times, but hey, it happens to the best of us.

There is one simple trick, though, that will make those embarrassing mistakes far less likely: Read your work backward.  

No, we’re not suggesting that you sound out words backward (aka drawkcab krow ruoy dear), but more simply that you recite the words in each sentence from right to left: backward work your read.

So why exactly should we imitate Yoda? Well, when it comes to language, it’s easy to overlook small errors, like a wrong letter or a missing word, because our brains are so good at filling in the gaps. Since there’s less logic to how the words relate to each other when read in the wrong order, you can review the words on the page as they are. This helps you spot grammar mistakes since your brain isn’t making the assumption of what should be there.

Ready to review that résumé one more time? You got this. Or as wise Yoda would say, “Got this you.”

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