What’s the Best Full-Size Luxury SUV? Here Are 6 of Our Favorites

Admittedly, I’m an SUV devotee. I like a high command of the road and to be able to drive over snow banks, and I want to know that bumping over a curb won’t damage my tires.

But a luxury SUV takes you to a higher place: The driver’s seat gives you a command position that is more like a throne. It has three rows with seating for seven or eight. And then there are the buttons for everything and general sense of quiet and elegance.

But how do you know which are worth the hype? (After all, these guys are gas guzzlers and can often be tricky to fit in a garage or handle on the road.) Luckily, we did the work for you. Read on for the best of the best luxury SUVs.

bmw x7 suv
Emily Morgan

1. bmw X7

Why You’ll Love It

BMW’s world-class 7 Series is now a full-size SUV with features like voice-activated controls, electric seats in every row, an Alcantara suede ceiling liner and Swarovski crystal controls. The X7 has some novel features including something called “back up assistant” that will reverse along your exact path—great for narrow driveways and off-road adventures—and a road sign reader that displays signs on the navigation screen. But you might forget all those fancy features as you sink into the leather seats and enjoy either of the two engine options: the standard 335 horsepower or the larger and faster 465 horsepower.

What We Thought

This car is seriously comfy. (Hello, suede head cushions.) We also like that there’s a USB-C port for every seat (bring your adapters, though) and found the cargo space and the clamshell lift gate super-intuitive. The lower portion folds down while the upper portion lifts up, so nothing falls out when you open the gate to grab your yoga mat.

What It Costs: $73,000 $129,000

cadillac escalade suv

2. cadillac Escalade

Why You’ll Love It

Cadillac is known for luxury and has long been a leading force in the space. Pair that with GM’s know-how for pickup trucks and you’ll understand the elevated yet rugged charm of the Escalade: It’ll graciously ferry eight (or seven with center-row captain’s chairs) over mountaintops to the ski chalet, all while enveloping you in that luscious Cadillac feel and fragrance (yes, the brand has its own scent).

What We Thought

The serious amount of space makes this car a contender when it comes to best for large broods. We’re not even daunted by the idea of cramming in half a dozen sweaty soccer players; the leather cleans up as nicely as your kids do.

What It Costs: $71,000 to $91,000

lincoln navigator suv

3. lincoln Navigator

Why You’ll Love It

This might be the coolest, most well outfitted of the bunch. First of all, it has the most ideal place to tuck your handbag: under the center console, which is cantilevered into the space between the front seats. Owners also rave about the slide-and-tilt seats, which make getting into the third row easy and allow for more leg room than a first-class cabin.

What We Thought

Recently redesigned, practically from the ground up, the Navigator team did a spectacular job. We particularly love the automatic running boards, which make getting in and out a cinch.

What It Costs: $75,000 to $88,000

mercedes benz gls 450 suv

4. mercedes-benz Gls 450

Why You’ll Love It

Yes, this seven-passenger SUV has cushy leather seating and four child passenger car seat LATCH systems, including two in the third row. But it’s the new MBUX (for Mercedes-Benz User Experience) system that’s really worth talking about: A single plane of glass sweeps across the dashboard displaying graphics that everyone can see, and anyone in the car can say “Hey, Mercedes” and ask for something, like a change in temperature or a new radio station. There are also nine USB ports, but bring your adapters, since they’re USB-C (the standard for the future) not the current USB-A ports that most of our devices use. Luckily, there is a household outlet too.

What We Thought

Comfort and space are plentiful here: The center seats move forward and back with a touch of a button, so center-row passengers can recline or give people in the back a bit more leg room. It’s also infinitely customizable—but beware, the more you add, the steeper the price tag.

What It Costs: $69,000 to $90,000

infiniti qx80 suv

5. infiniti Qx80

Why You’ll Love It

Chief designer Alfonso Albaisa is one of the more elegant and artful designers in the field, and his cars and SUVs are simply gorgeous—from the graceful hood lines, to the chrome side air vents, to the quilted leather and burnished wood trim.

What We Thought

Infiniti was an innovator in driver-assist technology like adaptive cruise control and pre-emergency braking, all of which make time in this SUV even more pleasant.

What It Costs: $65,000 to $91,000

lexus lx 570 suv

6. lexus Lx 570

Why You’ll Love It

This SUV has an old-school look and feel but is filled with modern capabilities: It has true four-wheel drive, sits at a hefty height off the ground and can accommodate eight passengers, cargo or both.

What We Thought

We love the oversized look and feel, but the real selling point is Lexus’s unparalleled reliability. It’s not unusual for owners to drive these cars for decades and hundreds of thousands of miles.

What It Costs: $86,000 to $91,000

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