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The One Font You Should Never Use on a Résumé
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Writing a résumé is stressful: Does it really have to be one page? Is Microsoft Office still a special skill? Should we include our position as sorority social chair…from a decade ago? There are a lot of variables, but one we really never considered was our choice of font.

Sure, we’re not applying for jobs in Comic Sans (we’re not monsters), but a recent Bloomberg article made the case against what we thought was a totally safe bet: Times New Roman.

Huh? According to Brian Hoff, a creative director and font expert, using Times New Roman is the typographical equivalent of wearing sweatpants. Apparently, it reads as lazy.

A few suitable alternatives suggested in the piece are Helvetica, Proxima Nova and Garamond. (#TheMoreYouKnow)

And in case you were wondering, the answers to those first few questions are yes, no and better not.

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