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You know you should be contributing to your 401(k) or putting aside savings for a kid’s college fund. But when it comes to everyday savings, are you thinking with your head on straight? Our executive editor, Jillian Quint, recently went on financial guru Jean Chatzky's terrific new podcast HerMoney to talk about easy ways to save a little dough as you go about your business. Check out the episode here and some of Jillian's best tips below.


Make Your Own Coffee

We know, we know--you've heard this one before. But hear us out. If you buy a $4 latte every day, that's $120 a month. Making your own typically costs about 30 cents a day (depending on how much you drink and how fancy your tastes are). That's $9 a month. Is your Starbucks really worth $111?


Order your drinks at the bar

Going out to dinner with friends is fabulous...unless they drink way more than you do and want to split the bill evenly. Preempt the awkward moment by ordering beverages ahead of time at the bar. That way everyone pays her own way and you don't have to shell out for Tracy's $12 tequila sunrise. 

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Turn money tracking into a game

Calling all obsessives. Instead of putting all your energy into Pokemon Go (not that there's anything wrong with that), create a Google doc or a spreadsheet to track every dollar you spend for an entire week. After week one, see if you can beat your score by lowering your expenditures. Got a partner? Make it a competition!


Buy men's products

Did you know that stores and manufacturers will jack up the price by as much as 50 percent just because something comes in pink? For items like razors, body soap and conditioner, consider going with the dude-targeted version and saving yourself a couple bucks in the process.    


Buy thigh meat

When it comes to the poultry aisle, you should splurge on quality (yeah, free-range) but scrimp on cut. Personally, we'd take thigh meat over breast meat any day.


And buy anything you can in bulk

Not only does it save you multiple trips to Target…it can also save you hundreds of dollars over the course of the year. And it’s not just about getting 120 rolls of toilet paper. Small, easy-to-store items like toothbrushes and tampons are great bulk buys, as is alcohol, which will also come in handy when you toast to all your clever savings.

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