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Using your credit card isn’t hard. But cashing in on rewards points (and maximizing the money you can earn back) sometimes is. That’s why we’re breaking down the best credit cards to get, based on your lifestyle. Cue the creativity…and the cash back.

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frequent flier credit card points

Best for the Jet-setter: Capital One Venture Rewards

Paris in 2018 is totally your plan. With this card, you can earn double the miles for every dollar spent—aka two miles for each $1 you charge. And here’s the kicker: There’s no airline restrictions. Or blackout dates. Or expiration on miles earned. Which means saving up for a peak season vacances is totally within your grasp.

$0 intro annual fee; $59 after that

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loves to eat out credit card points

Best for the Restaurant Lover: Chase Sapphire Preferred

Eating out—fine dining or not—is your life. This card will earn you two points for every dollar spent at restaurants ranging from Chick-fil-A to Eleven Madison Park. Redeem them on everyday things like gift cards, cash back and travel. In fact, if you go through Chase to apply points to things like airfare or hotels, the points are worth 25 percent more.

$0 intro annual fee; $95 after that

grocery shop credit card points

Best for the Chronic Grocery Shopper: American Express Blue Cash Preferred

It’s not a weekday (or a weekend) without a trip to pick up frozen waffles. This Amex card will earn you a whopping 6 percent cash back on purchases made at any U.S. supermarket, maxing out at $6,000 per year. Damn.

$95 annual fee


Best for Everyday Spending: Citi Double Cash

Use this credit card for expenditures big and small and you’ll earn one percent cash back for every single purchase (no restrictions), plus a bonus: You’ll get another one percent back every time you make a payment, even if all you’re doing is meeting the minimum amount due each month.

No annual fee

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