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This App Just Saved You an Extra $100 a Month
Courtesy of Qapital

You know the $5 a day you spend on a latte would be money better put toward your summer vacation in Napa, but you can’t help it: You need caffeine. Still, what if you could simultaneously send cash to savings with each latte?

Now you can, thanks to Qapital, a new app that follows an “if this, then that” approach to savings that makes it easy to automate small savings goals.

Here’s how it works: Download the app and link your debit account. Next, build a goal list. Maybe you’re saving for an epic vacation. Or a new pair of gladiator sandals. Then, upload a pic of your goal, set the amount you need to save and choose from a range of spending rules. For example, the “Guilty Pleasure” rule lets you set a cash amount to transfer to savings--say, $5--every time you splurge on a treat-yourself transaction. (Hello, grande green tea latte.)

The app’s interface makes it a breeze to keep tabs on your progress and then cash out once you’ve met your savings goal.

Hey, even small contributions add up.

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