A Super-Smart (and Actually Practical) Way to Combat Digital Burnout

Phone addiction is a thing. And given that the modern office is becoming a lot more mobile these days, it can be a challenge to truly disconnect.

That’s why we turned to Tricia and Antoinette Clarke, career experts (one is a VP at CBS and the other co-founded her own marketing agency) and authors of a brand-new book out this week called Double Down: Bet on Yourself and Succeed on Your Own Terms.

Their strategy for logging off? We were surprised by how practical it is. It’s also iPhone-based.

“We make a conscious effort every week to use the screen time monitor that’s available on iOS,” says Antoinette. “Our goal is to come down by ten minutes once a week, something you can easily log when you go into the screen time monitor settings on your phone.”

For anyone who’s an iPhone user, that’s as simple as tapping Settings > Screen Time. There, you will see your total phone usage for the day—and week—so you can get an accurate picture of the amount of time you’re on your device.

This method to reduce phone usage helps decrease digital burnout, too, say Tricia and Antoinette. It’s also something that actually feels attainable. (We’ll be putting it to the test, stat.)

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