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You Can Now Text Money with Google Wallet
Don't stress: You can now text money.

Tis the season for holiday festivities--but when the bill for drinks hits the table, there’s nothing more annoying than collecting all the cash. Sure, there are apps for that,but they usually require all parties to have them installed.

Not anymore, thanks to this update from Google Wallet.

The mobile payment system, which makes it a breeze to pay back your friends via email, just announced its latest improvement: You can now text up to $9,999 to any U.S. phone number.

Here’s how it works: Download Google Wallet and link your debit card to your account. Then, the next time you owe a friend money, simply enter the amount into the app, type in their phone number and tap send. A text message will pop up on the recipient’s phone with a secure link. All they have to do is enter their debit card info to claim the funds--no app required.

The link stays active for 14 days, which we feel is plenty of time to square up on the bill.

Dear technology, you’re the best.

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