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Unused Vacation Days Are Costing You Your Tan and Your Health
The beach is calling your name.

New advocacy organization, Take Back Your Time says that Americans are working too darn much, and they're out to prove that there are benefits to taking vacations, maternity leave and sick days.

Here are some numbers that should spur you to book that trip to someplace colorful right now--and not feel the least bit bad about it.

4: Average number of vacation days Americans take each year

5: Average number of vacation days U.S. workers leave on the table each year

41: Percentage of Americans who don’t plan to use all of their paid time off this year

50: Percentage you’re less likely to have a heart attack if you take vacations

$52.4 billion: Amount in earned benefits U.S. workers are throwing away each year

0: Number of paid vacation days required by law in the U.S.

20: Number of paid vacation days required by law in Switzerland

54: The U.S.’s ranking on a list of the most stressed-out countries

72: Switzerland’s ranking on that list (i.e., two away from the least stressed-out country in the world, Norway)

Sources:, World Happiness Report, U.S. News & World Report, World Health Organization, U.S. Travel Association, Bloomberg

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