Peace out, Doug from accounting. You just landed a new job and you're ready to blow this Popsicle stand. 

Here’s how to do it like the refined lady that you are.


Give notice

Two weeks is customary.


But not too much notice

Nobody wants you lolling around the copy room in sweatpants while they’re trying to reassign your deadlines and hire your replacement.


Keep it Quick and Classy

Tell your manager in person and be sure to thank her for the experience. Remember, you’ve basically just dumped her, so give her some time to grieve before you start planning that Mexico-themed good-bye party.


Don't tell every other employee, one by one

Once you’ve dragged the third assistant into the conference room, everyone will know anyway.


Don't cry

So you sucked at ad sales and you’re going back to culinary school. No need to get emotional.


Offer to continue working on your projects

But understand that your manager might not want your help.


Send a note to your team

On your last day, draft a short, sweet email to your colleagues thanking them for your time together (even if they were A-holes) and letting them know how to reach you in the future. Avoid jokes about the broken elevator or client from hell; you may not work there anymore, but they still do.


Steal no more than five office supplies

You can have the stapler. You can’t have the philodendron from reception.

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