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You went through hell canceling your gym membership in January--or so you thought. According to your credit card statement, you’re still being charged the monthly fee. Ugh, back to the gym you go (not to the treadmill, but to speak with a manager, duh).

Or you could set up Truebill, a new Web-based app that makes it a breeze to track recurring subscription charges and cancel them if they’re not supposed to be there.

Here’s how it works: Simply set up a free account and link it to the credit or debit cards you’d like to monitor. (Don't worry--the site uses bank-level protocols, so your info is secure.) From there, Truebill will sift through your statements and flag any repeat fees from subscriptions ranging from Netflix to The New York Times.

Notice a charge that’s not on the up-and-up? It takes one click to cancel it. Huzzah! Or if you’d rather set up monitoring for a specific charge (say, your gym payments), you can activate email alerts so that you know each and every time your account is billed.

Truebill says the average user saves $512 a year just by monitoring and canceling subscriptions they’re no longer using. All hail financial transparency.

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