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You play nice at the weekly brainstorming meetings. You’re a hoot to hang with at the company picnic. But are you secretly driving all of your colleagues mad with your totally inane email etiquette?

Here, the seven things you might be doing that make everyone hate your guts.


1. Forwarding an Epic Email Chain
Your note to “See below” makes everyone want to scream. Do us a favor and just sum up what the chain says and what you need from the person in question. For instance: “Sherry and Phil think Ned should rerun the widget report. Do you think Ned should rerun the widget report? Let us know before 4 p.m.”

2. Answering One of Your Colleague’s Three Pressing Questions--But Ignoring the Other Two
He asked “Can I take Thursday off? Do you need the marketing minutes? Can I pick up anything for you from the cafeteria?” You responded with “A turkey sandwich.”

3. Removing a Key Person from the CC Field
Your coworker cc’d your assistant for a reason. (Namely because you are totally inept without her and can’t tie your own shoe, let alone book a flight to Tampa.) When you only write back to the sender, you’re cutting an important person out of the equation.

4. Adding Everyone’s Boss to the CC Field
On the other hand, when Julie writes “Ugh, I’m so hungover. What are we supposed to bring to the offsite again?” do not respond by cc’ing her two immediate managers.

5. Replying All
The CEO writes “Happy holidays!” to the entire 500-person company. You write “Thanks SO MUCH!!!”… to the entire 500-person company.

6. Sending an Ambiguous Subject Line
“????” is not a good subject line. Neither is “UMMMMM” or “We need to talk…” A subject line should inform the recipient what an email is about--and should never be used to make a person think they might be getting fired.

7. Appending a Jpeg to Your Signature
Your company logo looks like a drunk penguin. There. We said it


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