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You updated your cover letter. You sprung for a new profesh yet stylish pencil skirt. You finally got that interview at your dream company. Congrats!

Now comes the hard part: stressing about what to do, say and send before and after.

Fear not. As big lady bosses who do plenty of hiring and firing, we’ve put together the cardinal rules for what to do--and when.


The day before the interview: Send a confirmation email

Sad but true, our calendars regularly get away from us and we can easily forget we’ve got you on the books. Confirm your appointment 24 hours in advance so we all know we’re good to go.


The day before the interview: Spot-check your social media

This is like a date. We will be Googling you. In other words, now is the time to take down that keg-stand photo and delete your crazed “why men cheat” Twitter rant.


5 minutes before the interview: Show up

Please don’t make it weird by arriving super-early and waiting in the reception area. If you get to the building 45 minutes before the interview, do everyone a favor and walk around the block six times.


An hour or two after the interview: Send a thank-you email

You heard us: within two hours. This shows you’re as excited about our amazing company as we are. Seriously, we’re waiting.


Two days later: Send a handwritten thank-you note

But for the love of God, don’t send it on a thank-you card. Be the person who has stationery with her name on it. Be that person.


Two to three weeks later: Follow up

Don’t reach out for at least two weeks. Give us some time to miss you. Then, if it’s been 14 days or so, feel free to circle back. But please don’t ever say “circle back.”

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