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You put in the effort and the overtime—but, for some reason, you’re still not rising up the ranks. Here, six secrets of women who always get promoted…and what you can do to follow a similar path.

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They Don’t Expect Their Boss to Be a Mind Reader

It’s all about communicating your goals. Time is money and your boss is crazy busy. Even if all you have is five minutes, it’s up to you to shape the conversation and be crystal clear about what you’re hoping to accomplish over a set time period. (Say, the next six months.)

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They Keep a Running Log of Their Achievements

Even if you think you have a photographic memory, it never hurts to jot down a list of your accomplishments as they happen in real time. For example, that day you nailed the PowerPoint presentation or the month you shouldered two times the workload when your team was short-staffed. Come review time, it can be a challenge to remember every individual feat—but not if you wrote it down.

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They Tend to Their Personal Brand

Social Media 101: If your boss follows you on Twitter, pay attention to what you post. In other words, think of social media as a tool to amplify your expertise and workplace relevance (hello, Insta from that cool trade show) versus a place to go on inappropriate or poorly punctuated rants.

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They Network Internally—and Externally

Maybe you never have to work with Joanne in accounting. So what? Striking up inter-departmental relationships can increase your company presence and show your boss you’re a team player. On the flip side, networking outside the office (and within your field) is also a good idea, since it gives you a chance to size up the marketplace and get a sense of your value and worth. (Useful info to keep in your back pocket when it’s time for your review.)

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They Never Skip the Office Party

Ten points for old-fashioned face time. Showing up—even if it’s lame or you can only stay for one glass of wine—sends the message you’re putting in effort beyond what’s required.

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They're Drama-Free

Leadership potential is the number one prerequisite to moving up the ranks. But if you get lost in workplace gossip or make waves over basic tasks, it reflects poorly—and can sink your chances of getting ahead. 

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