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At this point, we basically use our phones for everything. From communicating and sharing photos to counting calories and freshening the air. So why not use our tech dependence to our advantage—say, to save us money. Luckily, a number of apps are doing just that. Whether you’re planning your next vacation or simply going to the gym, download these nine easy-to-use money-saving (and sometimes money-making) apps.

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hopper apps that can save you money
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If you’re planning a trip...

Download Hopper, which analyzes billions of flight prices to tell you when’s the best time to buy and fly and finds you the absolute best deals.

at home fitness app that can save you money
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If your gym costs way too much...

Download any of these free apps, which let you kiss your gym membership good-bye in favor of at-home workouts.

pact apps that save you money
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If you just can’t quit the gym...

Download Pact, which rewards you (in cash) for meeting your workout goals.

grocery iq apps that save you money
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If Whole Foods is, ahem, eating away at your savings...

Download Grocery iQ, which has a massive database of coupons for everything from toilet paper to avocados.

gasbuddy apps that save you money

If you’re always in the car...

Download GasBuddy, which directs you to gas stations with the cheapest prices in your area.

wi fi finder apps that can save you money

If you’ve exceeded your data limit for the past 11 months...

Download Wi-Fi Finder, which quickly and easily locates free Wi-Fi near you.

shopsavvy apps that can save you money
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If you’re a shopaholic...

Download Shopsavvy, which lets you scan product bar codes and instantly tells you how much the same item costs online and in nearby stores.

happy hour finder apps that can help you save money
Kondor83/Getty Images

If after-work drinks are nonnegotiable...

Download Happy Hour Finder, which finds the best happy-hour deals near you.

venmo apps that can save you money
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If your friend never seems to remember to bring her wallet...

Download Venmo, which lets you charge your pal on the spot and makes it super-easy for her to pay you back.

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