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Your ideal house: Maybe it’s the one you live in now--plus a few fabulous upgrades--or maybe it’s the adorable cottage with the wraparound porch you’re always eyeing on your way to yoga class.

Either way, try these tips to start living in the home you really want:

Spruce Little things go a long way. You can up your home’s curb appeal with something as simple as a new front door--just pick one that’s well made, timeless and welcoming.

Renovate The kitchen is a great place to start. You’ll enjoy it every day if you stay, and it’ll hook potential buyers if you sell. Want to do it on a budget? Splurge on new countertops and paint the existing cabinets in a fresh, updated hue.

Prepare Citibank’s homeownership hub is packed with practical advice, fresh information and useful tools (like a mortgage-payment calculator) to help you manage the financial side of things. You can explore a variety of ways to finance that will work with your family’s plans, including a home equity line of credit or loan, and the mortgage preapproval process will keep you in the know every step of the way.

Citibank is pleased to sponsor this article by PureWow, and looks forward to helping consumers make their dream home a reality.

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