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When you bought those D'Orsay flats on Zappos for $110, you were all “Hey, $110--that’s not so bad.” But then the price dropped to $59.99 and you were all :( :( :(.

Here to help is Paribus, a new service that files claims on your behalf to get you the money you're owed.

Here’s how it works: Stores like Amazon, Target, Macy’s and J. Crew are often technically supposed to reimburse you when prices fall. (So, you should get $50 back for those d’Orsays.) But knowing how to ask for that money is as much of a headache as it sounds. 

Paribus does the dirty work for you. Install it, and it’ll quietly scan your email for receipts from participating merchants. If it notices an item that has gone down in price since you purchased it, Paribus will reach out to that company and see if the product is eligible for a refund. You do absolutely nothing.

If you're due a refund, Paribus lets you know and files the claim. The company will then credit the money back to your account.

For all that hard work, Paribus does take 25 percent cut. But hey, that’s still money you weren’t planning to get back in the first place.

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