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13 Things You Need to Know About Your Finances, Off the Top of Your Head

There are plenty of things about your finances that it’s A-OK to have to look up. (Nobody expects you to recall every detail of your 2013 tax return, for example.) And then there are the things that you legitimately need to know instantly in order to stay in control of your money.  Here’s what they are:

Your annual income. And how much it has changed since the previous year.

How much is left on your mortgage. Think rounded to the nearest few thousand.

How much you contribute to your 401(k) each paycheck. If the answer is $0, you’re doing it wrong.

Your bank-account number. Because the teller hates having to look it up for you.

Your ATM PIN. Because writing it down is like saying “Please rob me.”

How much you have in credit-card debt.

Or student loans.

Or car loans.

Or overdue library books.

What the interest rate is on your credit card. If it’s above 15 percent, call and ask if you can get it lowered.

How long you could live comfortably on your current savings if you quit your job tomorrow. Which means you need to know your monthly expenses, down to the dollar.

If you have life insurance. And if so, who your beneficiary is.

If you have a prenup.

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