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Ever wish your airplane seat smelled, uh, a bit fresher?
When fashion designer Julie Chaiken flies, she spritzes her seat with lavender spray. Genius.
Read on for more brilliant tips from our favorite globe-trotting friends.

India Hicks,

interior designer, drove from England to Italy at 17, sans license, to see Emilio Pucci.

India Hicks may be in the line of succession to the British throne, but she’s decidedly less stuffy than the royal reputation--and extravagantly chic. For those of us who can’t live on a Bahamian island (sigh), her India Hicks Island Living line of jewelry, accessories, home decor and beauty products sold through HSN will have to do.

India's travel must-haves

"I drink a lot of water;
I find it rebalances me
when I'm flying."

"It's shameful to admit it, but
obviously the iPhone is the
most essential."

"I always have a throw from my
HSN collection--they're very fine
and easy to pack."

"I use my India Hicks Island Living
hand cream not just on my
hands but everywhere."

India's travel must-haves

Hilary Carpenter,

event planner, goes bananas for the healthy food at the SFO Terminal.

"I carry those little footie socks with me for the TSA line because I can't stand being barefoot. I tuck a pair into my carry–on so I can slip them on before going through security."

“Most airports have water stations, so instead of spending $5 on a bottle of water, I can fill up my own.”

– Hilary Carpenter,

event planner

Lana Bramlette,

jewelry designer and germaphobe, might “accidentally” spill hand sanitizer on her seatmate.

“I absolutely hate the smell of airplanes, so I’ll rip out the perfume ads from magazines and stick them in the seat pocket in front of me as my pretend air freshener.”

Curtis Sittenfeld,

Sisterland author, really doesn’t want you to resort to reading Sky Mall.

“My advice is to never take a book that you haven’t started. If you’re reading a bad article in a magazine, you can easily switch to another. With a book, you’re stuck.”

What's your dream vacation spot?

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Babi Ahluwalia,

womenswear designer, is a sucker for duty-free cosmetics and HBO GO.

“If I’m traveling internationally, I'll always swing by the duty-free shops and pick up a few cosmetics--night creams, eye serums, etc.--so I don’t have to pack them.”

Lauren Merkin,

accessories designer, considers Peanut M&Ms a well-balanced travel meal.

“When flying, I opt for the smaller airport. There’s usually no wait for your bags and rental cars couldn’t be easier.”

Michelle Lam,

founder of True & Co., treats herself to an Egg McMuffin, but only after a red-eye.

“I never unpack my carry-on bag. Obviously I wash everything when I get home, but once I do that, I put the stuff right back into my bag and back into the closet for my next trip.”

Kristine Rose,

VP of Brands for Hyatt, will probably overindulge in mini cupcakes whenever she's in NYC.

I cut my travel schedule tight, so I wear flats to sprint through the airport if needed. When packing for a business trip I have a travel philosophy, "business formal plus a pop of fun." I wear suits jackets and dresses, but always bring a bright belt or statement necklace.

“I always throw a pair of stylish--and comfortable--Charlotte Olympia flats in my bag.”

– Hannah Bronfman,

Beautified app creator

Chris Barrett,

interior designer, thinks Paris is always a good idea.

“Ok, this is pretty specific, but I’m absolutely blown away by the Virgin Atlantic lounge in London. It has everything you could want--massages, drinks, even manicures! It’s worth showing up extra early for your flight.”

Jessie Randall,

shoe designer, is probably rocking out to Dolly Parton mid-flight.

In 2005, Jessie Randall founded Loeffler Randall, an innovative brand of fashion forward shoes. Eight years, three adorable sons and one CFDA Award later, Randall is our go-to gal for cool, understated elegance.

Jessie's travel must-haves

"The first thing I do when we plan a beach getaway is to run out and buy my husband and our three boys matching Vilebrequin swimsuits."

"I try not to check email on vacation, but I can't say the same for Instagram."

"My favorite vacation spot is the beach, and I'm obsessed with my Zimmermann eyelet cover-up these days."

"Beauty items? I swear by Tata Harper rebuilding moisturizer."

Jessie's travel must-haves

Megan Papay & Cristina Palomo Nelson,

shoe designers and lovers of Italian leather, tabloids and German sausage--not necessarily in that order.

“We travel with our own pillows. It makes all the difference.”

“I stock up on Kind bars before a trip. They’re such an easy and healthy snack. My husband now buys them in bulk.”

– Lisa Sadoughi,

jewerly maven for Lele Sadoughi

Julie Chaiken,

clothing designer, will have her room service in bed, thank you very much.

“The first thing I do when I get on the plane is take a lavender spray and spritz the whole area around my seat. It makes the air smell less like jet fuel.”

What's the first thing you pack for a trip?

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Mary Kate McGrath,

PureWow's editor in chief, loves a good travel adventure (as long as it doesn’t involve any roller coasters).

“Ok, I’m going to let you in on a secret: If you roll your clothes, you can fit 30 percent more in your suitcase. It’s totally scientific and life changing.”

Lisa Sadoughi,

jewelry maven, is dying to rip the plastic off of her latest Vanity Fair.

“Before I travel, I stockpile magazines with lengthy articles (think Vanity Fair). It’s my time to catch up on my reading.”

“I always carry a selection of bralettes in different colors. Underwire bras are so uncomfortable to travel in.”

– Michelle Lam,

founder of True & Co.

Amy Sia,

accessories designer, Australian living in London, is constantly seeking sunshine.

“I rent homes through Airbnb. That way, you can meet the owner and ask them for recommendations. They always have a list ready for fun things to do.”

Hannah Bronfman,

Beautified app creator, is a beauty junkie who doesn’t leave home with fewer than four lip colors.

“To keep warm on a frigid
plane, I layer a jean jacket
under a leather one.”

Tracy Reese,

clothing designer, was bitten by the design bug when she bought her first sewing machine at age 10––for $10.

Tracy Reese started her eponymous clothing line in 2006. Known for her flattering, retro-inspired silhouettes, Reese has amassed an impressive celebrity clientele--including Michelle Obama.

Tracy's travel must-haves

"Cute, comfortable and TSA-friendly. (Abby flat)"

"Because planes are always freezing. (Surplice sweater)"

"The perfect mix of cool and cozy. (Luxury sweatshirt)"

"You can't go wrong with chic black pants. (Combo pant)"

Tracy's travel must-haves

Shilpa Shah & Karla Gallardo,

clothing designers, are often mistaken for twins when they're together in an airport.

“Terminal 2 at San Francisco International has surprisingly amazing food. Napa Farms Market carries local, fresh, sustainable goodies as well as a ton of SF local favorites, including Kara’s Cupcakes.”

What's your best travel tip?

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Aimee Cheshire,

Madison Plus clothing designer and People magazine crossword expert.

“When I travel I have a bit of a ritual: I’ll wear a nice pair of jeans and very minimal jewelry--I don’t want to be that person who holds up the line taking off her bracelets and earrings!”

Tereasa Surratt,

ad exec and author, doesn’t mind heavy luggage, as long as it’s filled with international design magazines.

“I relish plane time. I set up a little video player window in the upper left corner of my laptop and start a movie there--it leaves the rest of my computer screen for work. Then I order a Bloody Mary and write and design until I pass out facedown on my keyboard.”

It’s Your Turn: What’s the best travel advice you ever received?