Here’s A Little Secret For Keeping Your Favorite Clothes Looking Brand New

Part of the fun of adulting is defining your personal style. And for most women, a flattering dark top is not only a staple, but a secret weapon. Whether you need to look put together in a pinch or you’re looking for a little boost of confidence, you’ll quickly learn that investing in a good blouse will pay off big time.

The kryptonite to said blouse? A wash cycle without the right detergent. Which is why we reach for Woolite All Darks, to help prevent fading for up to 30 washes. Same goes for your favorite pair of yoga pants, or your favorite Zoom top (yes, that’s a thing these days). You can toss those in the laundry without fear of fading, shrinking or stretching when you wash with Woolite All Clothes.

The bottom line: You love your go-to pieces and you want to be able to go to them for as long as they’ll last. Woolite gently cleans without harshness and helps to keep clothes looking like new, so you can love your clothes longer.

Watch the video above to learn why Woolite is the best thing to happen to your clothes.

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Cristina Gutierrez

Director, Branded Content

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