‘Winter Garden Rooms’ Are the New ‘She Sheds’ (and They’re Easy to Make Yourself)

"She sheds" are dreamy and all, but what about when it’s freezing and you don’t want to venture outdoors? And what if you don’t have the acreage upon which to build one in the first place? Enter: the “winter garden room.”

We’ve been noticing many of our favorite designers adapting the conservatory concept (for those who, you know, don’t live in chateaus) by transforming sunrooms, swing rooms, even nooks and alcoves into everyday escapes. Sound involved? It’s actually quite easy: All you need is a sunny spot and the will to green thumb. We trolled Pinterest for the best ways to DIY your own. 

She Sheds Are the New Man Caves

Make A Sitting Area Against A Wall Of Windows

Think: ferns on pedestals, wicker chairs with overstuffed cushions and plenty of potted, flowering blooms.

Push Your Breakfast Area To A Windowed Corner

And load up on happy myrtle topiaries for your tabletop.

Craft A Reading Nook Near French Doors

This potted fiddle leaf fig tree/XL woven pod chair combo is just begging for lazy afternoon naps.

Make Your Bathroom Your Garden Room

Layer oversize potted greens in one corner and soften the feel of the room with a proper rug. (The plants will love the moisture.)

Transform A Window Into A Petite Nursery

Install shelving to house your baby plants and add a rocking chair so you can sit in the sunshine and enjoy 'em.

Line Your Living Room With Potted Plants

Layer them on a bench in front of your windows for extra height and drama.

Create A Greenery Corner

A sunny corner of a living, dining or study makes for the perfect spot for a reading chair...and all the crazy plant-lady fixings.

Or Just Designate A Window

Even a tiny bedroom can become a winter garden room Simply cozy a papasan chair up to a sunny window and create a mini garden on your sill. Chez vous, it’s always spring.

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