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Well, we held it off as long as we could with a combination of denial and amateur witchcraft, but below-freezing weather is finally upon us. Which means you’re about to be spending more time at home. Here are eight ways to turn your apartment into a super-cozy retreat (that you won’t get sick of before April).

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candles winter apartment 728

1. Stock up on scented candles you love. They’re a shortcut to a) intimate lighting and b) whatever wintry fragrance you fancy. (We’re partial to this one.)

2. Insulate, insulate, insulate. A lot of old NYC apartments are draftier than a haunted barn—a few simple changes will keep your heating bill way down.

3. If that’s not enough, there’s no shame in a space heater. Just look for an energy-efficient version to keep costs down.

houseplants 728

4. The trees outside may be bare, but a few hardy houseplants will remind you that greenery still exists.

5. Pick up a new kitchen gadget to play with on days when it’s too cold to hit the corner bagel shop.

humidifier frosted window 728

6. Invest in a humidifier: Not only will it fend off dry winter skin, it might actually lower your heating bill (as air with more moisture feels warmer).

7. Keep an extra throw blanket or two in the living room. It's another way to cut down that Con Ed bill, and bonus: instant ski-lodge vibes.

reading nook winter apartment 728

8. Set up a reading nook. All it takes is relocating a favorite chair to an inviting corner, adding a lamp and a side table for hot cocoa (or a glass of wine) and one of the aforementioned blankets. Oh, and a stack of page-turners

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