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Unless you’ve been living under an SUV, you know that downsizing and reducing your carbon footprint is all the rage. Case in point: the “tiny house” movement, where otherwise reasonable people sell their homes and move into miniature (often adorable) abodes. Here, eight things that might happen if you give in to the tiny house dream.

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tiny home organized

You’ll Be Better Organized

When you’ve got only 400 square feet (or less!) to call home, you literally don’t have space for clutter. Small house living requires that all your stuff will have a designated place.

tiny home clothes

…But You’ll Have to Throw Out a Lot

Sometimes the greatest peace comes from donating old dresses.

tiny home kitchen

You Won’t Be Able to Cook the Way You’re Used To

Most tiny homes feature half-sized fridges and ovens. And as for microwaves or dishwashers? Forget about it. Time to get creative, people.

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tiny home utilities

Your Utility Costs Will Go Down

Less space means less heat and A/C. And when you’ve got only one bathroom, your days of 30-minute showers are probably limited, too.

tiny home cabin

You Might Be Able to Buy in Cash

The typical tiny house will run you less than $100,000—and sometimes as little as $5,000 for cabins on wheels.

tiny home zoning issues

…But You May Encounter Zoning Problems

Building codes sometimes require a “minimum size” in order to begin new construction. Check out your local codes before you buy that plot of land and begin doing battle with the permit office.

tinu home house guests

You Won’t Be Able to Have Houseguests

This can be a pro or con depending on how you feel about your mother-in-law.

tiny home family

And You Will Definitely Get Closer with Your Family

Nothing says lovin’ like two people using one closet. Bring on the sweater-sharing.

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