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To put it broadly: Being a parent changes things. One of those things that’s top of mind for Senior Editor and new mom Alexia Dellner? Cleaning products.

“It’s a weird conundrum of parenting: With every exciting milestone (he’s crawling!), comes an “oh crap” realization afterward (time to put away our coffee table books),” says Dellner. “Seeing my son develop and grow these last few months has been so much fun…and so much work. Toys everywhere. Food all over the kitchen (and his Mess wherever I look. Tidying up after kids is a nonstop job. And even though I want to be a chill mom, cleaning up is a must because anything that's left out will inevitably be put into my kid’s mouth. That’s why having cleaning products that are effective and safer than other harsh options is so important to me.”

On her quest for a gentler surface cleaner, Dellner recently put Veo Active-Probiotics Surface Cleaner to test. Here’s what she had to say, including everything you need to know about this newfound line of cleaning products.

Why One PureWow Mom Is Considering the Switch to Probiotic Cleaners
Alexia Dellner/Sofia Kraushaar

First of All: What Is a Probiotic Cleaner?

Using a unique combination of fermented bacteria, probiotic cleaners ultimately create compounds known as bio-detergents, which break down dirt and grime. Veo Active-Probiotics calls this process microscopic cleaning. But that’s not all. In addition to the chemical surfactants that traditional cleaning products use to wipe out bacteria in one fell swoop, probiotic cleaners apply “friendly” bacteria to surfaces, cracks and cervices that linger and continue to work for up to three days. Meaning, your home stays cleaner for longer.

How Do I Know If It’s Actually Working?

Using these milder cleaners doesn’t mean your home will stay dirty. In fact, the products are super effective: A 2016 study that tested the use of probiotic cleaners in hospitals determined that they reduce the occurrence of drug-resistant bacteria, while another study in 2018 found that probiotic cleaners work in limiting the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Interesting. Now, How Do I Use It?

The same way you’d use a regular cleaner: spray and wipe away. “The first thing I noticed was the super clear “On/Off” lock at the nozzle. This feature is included on most cleaning sprays, but to be honest, it’s usually printed in such fine text or so lightly embossed that I can’t see it. Veo Active-Probiotics makes it super easy to tell when the spray is ready to be used. And when you’re dealing with a poop-splosion (it happens), every second counts,” explains Dellner. 

“The cleaning solution also comes out super fast—like a powerful jet stream so you can target the stain head-on. Oh, and it smells great. I have gotten headaches from the scent of cleaning products in the past, but this was not an issue here. It’s not overly floral but nice and fresh. (Because I’m a cool mom, not my grandma.)”

Does It Really Work?

“Top marks!” boasts Dellner. “I tested this out on my quartz kitchen countertop with mashed blackberry stains, smeared yogurt, mushy peas and brown tea stains (that last one I can’t blame on my son). All disappeared quickly without a trace. It worked like a dream, easily wiping away remnants of yesterday’s (or um, last week’s) dinner.”

Dellner continues, “The fact that it continues to clean even after I’ve sprayed and wiped is a very cool and handy feature. I already feel like I’m juggling a million things at once, so having a product that works double-time is a huge bonus. Oh, and the bottle is recyclable. It sounds cheesy but now that I’m a mom, I have to admit that I do think more about what we’re doing to the planet and what we’re leaving for future generations.”

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