10 Uses for Baby Wipes (That Have Nothing to Do with Babies)

Parents already know: If there’s one essential you should always have on hand, it’s a pack of baby wipes. But, surprisingly, this advice doesn’t only apply to those with kids. If we’ve learned anything from the packs we keep in our car, on the countertop or in our purse, it’s that the uses for baby wipes extend way beyond what you, ahem, commonly think. [Insert poop emoji here.] With that, we’ve rounded up 10 uses for baby wipes you’ll come to swear by.

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1. Removing Salt From Your Boots

Just wipe ‘em down, then dry with a paper towel. Blizzards, schmizzards.

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2. Cleaning Your Puppy’s Paws

Gentle on matted fur, but also a workhorse. (Because God only knows what he was digging for out there.)

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3. Wiping Sandy Feet

The two-hour car ride home from the beach just got a billion times more tolerable.

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4. Moistening Envelopes

Just wipe over the sticky part with your wipe and signed, sealed, delivered.

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5. Dusting Houseplants

You’ll want to swipe the leaves of your philodendron carefully, but dust = removed.

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6. Cleaning Electronics

Make your laptop, TV screen, iPhone and iPad like new, all with one wipe. (And no streaks.)

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7. Spot Cleaning Your Couch Or Rug

Baby wipes have just the right amount of liquid to massage out a stain without leaving a massive water mark in its place.

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8. Removing Deodorant Marks

We’re not kidding—there’s no faster solve.

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9. Removing Makeup

Raccoon eyes? Never. (Keep a pack on your bedside table.)


10. Averting Self-tanner Disasters

So you got a little too much on your elbow. Don’t worry--just rub it away with a baby wipe. Immediately.

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