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Yes, we know your mother’s generation didn’t believe in elaborate baby gear. (She had a crib and some bibs, thank you very much.) But we kind of love raising children in the era of Boppys and Rock 'n Plays and self-swaddling swaddles. That said, there are still a lot of silly products you 100 percent do not need. Here are five of them.

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Prince Lionheart

Wipes Warmer

The conceit here is that your newborn will be so delicate as to need her tushy wipes pre-warmed to a balmy 75 degrees. We seasoned moms, however, have never known a child who actually gives a crap.

The first years

Bottle Warmer

Same deal. Yes, you probably want to take the chill off. But honestly you can do it just by running the bottle under hot water for 30 seconds.


Bathtub thermometer

What is it with temperature and useless items? As far as this guy goes, here’s a novel concept: Test the water with your hand.


Baby detergent

Specialty “infant” detergents can run you as much as $16 a pop. If you’re concerned about dyes and perfumes, you’re honestly fine going with a more general hypoallergenic option like Tide Free and Clear. (Use it for your whole family’s laundry, while you’re at it.)



This one’s up for debate. Baby shoes are undoubtedly adorable. But unless your kid is some sort of precocious Fred Astaire type, he definitely won’t need kicks until at least six months. (But no judgment if you just like the look.)

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