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You’ve organized your bathroom, kitchen and guest bedroom. The only thing left on your list is the scary space under your kitchen sink. Sure, it holds all your cleaning supplies, but it’s probably the messiest place in your whole house. Here, 15 things to toss right now. 

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cleaning supplies under sink

1. Almost-empty bottles of cleaning products. Spray that drop of Lysol on your coffee table and be done with it.

2. Expired cleaning products. Antibacterial ingredients can lose shelf life over time. (Plus, that rusty can of Borax looks like it’s from the dark ages.)

3. Trash bags that don’t fit any container in your house. If they rip every time you try to use them, it’s time to go.

4. Old plastic grocery bags. There will always, always be more.

mousetraps under sink
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5. Old rodent traps. They’ve made strides in technology since you last saw a mouse in your home 15 years ago.  

6. Old, dried out sponges. There will always be more. We promise.

7. Gross rags. That holey undershirt was tossed under there with good intent, but you’ve got real cleaning towels for a reason.

extinguisher under sink
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8. An ancient fire extinguisher. It might not even work. You can use a pressure gauge to test it, or head to your local hardware store and get a replacement.

9. Single rose vases. These are pointless and unnecessary and we own six of them.

10. Your neighbor’s casserole dish. And if it’s still got brownie residue, double oops. Return it in sparkling condition and apologize profusely.

toothbrush under sink
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11. Old toothbrushes you were going to use to scrub the stove. Technology, people.

12. An empty fishbowl. RIP, Goldie.

13. A disgusting dustpan. It’s seen far too much.

flashlight undersink toss
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14. Busted flashlights. You’ll need one to find anything under there, but you might want to replace the batteries first.

15. Anything that could be damaged by water. If your sink leaks, you’ll be really glad you put those screwdrivers in the basement.

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