The One Thing You Should Do Before Your Next Vacation

An incomplete list of things you should do before leaving for a glorious weeklong vacation to [insert literally anywhere but where you currently are]:

1. Check the weather, lest you end up wearing fleece-lined boots during Juneau’s warm season.

2. Research restaurants, lest you miss out on Buenos Aires’s finest alfajores.

3. Turn off all your power strips, lest…huh?

The last one, while not necessarily glamorous, is actually a huge money saver. Think about it: Your TV, speakers, record player, cable box and Xbox are all plugged into the same power strip, sopping up energy for those little blinking LED lights while you’re gone. But turning off your power strips when you leave your house can take 10 percent off your electric bill. (Wahooo!)

Five seconds to save 10 percent? Turning off power strips just became the new making copies of your passport. (Though you should totally still do that.)

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