These Are the Year’s Top Decor Trends (According to Pinterest)

A timeless home is great and all—but it’s bound to get snoozy without a few contemporary updates thrown into the mix. To that end, here’s what’s super hot on the decor front (according to Pinterest’s latest home report). Spoiler: Color, pattern and whimsy.

7 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Poised to Be Huge in 2018

block print trend
Courtesy of Marigold Living

Block Prints

Echoing the shift toward color and pattern over neutrals, the ancient Indian textile art of block printing is looking chicer than ever. Dress your entire bed...or just add some fresh throw pillows to your sofa setup.

Get the look: Marigold Living bedding (from $40)

fringe trend
Courtesy of Pier 1


From hippie-chic, fringy pendant lights to chunky old-school bullion trim on furnishings (above), fringe is definitely having a stylish renaissance.

Get the look: Pier 1 slipper stool ($175)

statement rug trend
Courtesy of Armadillo & Co.

Statement Rugs

Sayonara, jutes and sisals. So long, creamy Moroccan shags. The rugs of the moment invoke bold color, artful patterning and, generally, make a major style declaration.

Get the look: Armadillo & Co. rug (upon inquiry)

celestial lighting trend
Courtesy of West Elm

Celestial Lighting

Folks are not only devouring their horoscopes—they’re also looking to bring the allure of the cosmos into their decor scheme, with modern takes on Sputnik chandeliers. Expect a major uptick in sunburst wall fixtures and riffs on the iconic mid-century design.

Get the look: West Elm chandelier ($499)

black sink trend
Courtesy of Wayfair

Black Sinks

First, matte black fixtures took Pinterest by storm. Then appliances took a turn for the dark and brooding. And now the kitchen sink is joining in on the chicness (we’re not mad about it).

Get the look: MR Direct sink ($400)

open closet trend
Courtesy of Ballard Designs

Open Closets

Apparently everybody is Konmari'ing and Swedish death cleaning the crap outta their closets. The proof? Search is skyrocketing for en plein air storage solutions. Seems like a recipe for a hot mess bedroom to us, but kudos if you've caught the minimalista, decluttering fever.

Get the look: Ballard Designs valet shelving (from $119)

geometric accent table
Courtesy of CB2

Geometric Accent Tables

Ya gotta love a pop of wacky in a classic space. And side tables, with their equal blend of form and function, provide the perfect spot to get experimental.

Get the look: CB2 side table ($399)

cement tile trend

Cement Tile

Cost-effective, textural and hardwearing (not to mention, a fabulous canvas for pattern), cement tiles are about to become the next big thing across flooring and backsplash for kitchens and bath.

Get the look: Erin Adams concrete tiles (upon inquiry)

upcycled decor trend
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Upcycled Decor

Joanna Gaines’s penchant for turning chicken coops into shelving units is having a ripple effect: Folks are searching for ways to repurpose objects as quirky decor and furnishings. (Think: Suitcases turned side tables and boat gear turned objets d'art).

Get the look: Anthropologie decorative oar ($300)

botanical prints trend citrus
Courtesy of Etsy

Botanical Prints

ICYMI: Old-school botanical prints (originally used to identify plant species) are the art trend du jour. Hang 'em en masse in the foyer or living room for a fresh juxtaposition.

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