Thoughtful Hostess Gifts, Whether You’re Coming for Dinner or Staying the Week

We’re all familiar with the fundamentals of gifting: Flowers say “I’m sorry” and chocolates say “Honestly, I didn’t know what else to buy.” Here’s a list of the perfect hostess gift for every type of guest, whether you’re popping by for a drink or potentially overstaying your welcome (you won’t be with gifts like these, though).


The Dinner Guest: Birch Wood Cutting Board

Practical and beautiful, this gift is something the hostess can use on the spot. But it’s also totally low pressure (she might have already carefully selected tonight’s serving ware). Either way, it’s a gorgeous addition to her kitchen decor.

Deny Designs ($35)

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Weekender: Pour Over Coffee Maker

You already know your hostess loves a strong cup of coffee. You also know that coffee is basically oxygen for any host harboring guests for any length of time. So show up with a chic new pour over coffee maker that will look like art, not an eyesore, in her meticulously curated kitchen. This specific model is made of double-walled glass to retain the heat of the brewing water, ensuring you get full flavor extraction every time. Aka very strong coffee, when you need it most.

Grosche ($40)


The Cocktail Party Companion: Playing Cards Holder

A guest bringing the gift of games is one who will always be invited back. A playing card holder is adorable, useful and completely unexpected (just make sure to bring the cards, too). 

Clare V. ($32)


The Overnight Lodger: Luxury Skin-Care Set

The gift she wants but probably wouldn’t buy for herself. It’s a “treat yo’self” token of appreciation any hostess would love to use. 

Tata Harper ($75)


The Brunch Invitee: Stoneware Pitcher

This pitcher serves two purposes: 1. It does the usual task of holding fancy lemon water, and looks pretty doing it; 2. It can also be used as a vase for your brunch centerpiece, assuming the hostess already has beverage dispensing on lock. Grab a bouquet of flowers on the way over just in case.

Tory Burch ($98)


The Weeklong Boarder: Amazon Echo Spot

This will surely help you earn your keep. The crystal-clear video screen displays time, temperature and basically anything else you ask Alexa to do (like video flash briefings, music lyrics, to-do and shopping lists, video calls and more). We can see it now: Everyone gathered around Alexa with a cup of hot cocoa in hand, listening to holiday tunes while you beckon her to play the holiday tunes. Here’s to being the guest who starts a new tradition. 

Amazon ($130)