This New Service Makes Painting Your Home Actually Fun

And you'll never have to pick up a brush

A few years ago, that eggplant accent wall seemed like a good idea. Now you’re over it--but repainting is such a chore.

Luckily, there’s Paintzen, a website that lets you book a range of painting services online. (No searching on Angie’s List. No settling for your dog walker’s brother’s friend to do the job.)

Just plug in the number of rooms and walls you want to paint and pick your Benjamin Moore colors, and Paintzen will send a team of pro painters to do the work. They’ll buy the paint and supplies, do their thing and clean up when they’re done. You can even consult a paintmaster for swatches and sample kits if you’re stuck on color choices.

Here, five perfect scenarios for tapping Paintzen’s services.

Cover Dark Colors

No one has time for primer plus multiple coats. Get someone else to do the dirty work.

Prep The Baby's Room

Because getting yourself and your house ready for a newborn is stressful enough.

Create Wall Art

Want to add some stripes or a geometric design? Paintzen’s contractors can handle everything from murals to custom typography.

Freshen Up The Outside Of Your House

Exterior painting is a whole different ball game--dealing with the elements, ladders, scaffolding. Best to leave it to the pros.


Handle An Urgent Situation

Say you need to be out of your rental in two days and your landlord just informed you that he wants your spring-green walls back to their original white. Thankfully, Paintzen can arrange for next-day services.