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9 Bathroom Items You Should Throw Away Right Now
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From beauty products and grooming tools to bottles of cough syrup, the medicine cabinet seems to be a catchall spot for just about everything—which explains why it’s always cluttered. Here, nine things to purge now (so you don’t have to deal with the avalanche of products tumbling out anymore).

1. Half-empty boxesLose the cartons of cotton swabs and tampons and toss them into more space-efficient (and aesthetically pleasing) glass jars or ceramic canisters.

2. That old tube of itch cream. And while you’re at it, take a minute to trash any other expired (or seldom-used) creams. Or, at the very least, move them to the linen closet, where there’s less humidity.

3. Any “just in case” or holdover meds. You know the leftover antibiotics from that particularly nasty cold you had…a few years ago? Dispose of them promptly and properly since they might as well be sugar pills at this point.

4. Rusty razors. Ever heard of ingrown hairs? What about nicks and razor burn? Using a dull razor is a surefire way to get all those lovely things. Keep your blades current, and ditch anything that’s past its prime.

5. Old makeup. Like that lipstick you bought two years ago or that foundation that never quite matched. Best-case scenario, the color or consistency will have changed. Worst-case scenario, you’ll be smearing bacteria all over your face.

6. That dried packet of face wipes. It’s no better than rubbing a scratchy paper towel over your precious mug. (Tip: Next time, store the package upside down to keep the wipes moist longer.) 

7. That questionable jar of face or eye cream. If you’re actually using these products as intended (typically twice a day), they shouldn’t last long enough to get crusty in the first place. Trust.

8. Random hairpins and stretched-out elastics. Put a magnetic strip on the back of the cabinet door for the pins—and your nail clippers, scissors and tweezers. And cut your (ahem) ties with those loose elastics.

9. Old toothbrushes. Use them one last time to scrub the grime off your tub (and sink…and toilet) before tossing ’em into the trash.


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