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You’re not an idiot: You know you need a crib and a stroller. But did you know that your life would be infinitely better with a diaper pail…or a bottle-drying rack? Read on to find the top seven underrated items that all new moms should have in their arsenal.

1. A Diaper Pail

The unsung hero of your nursery. Its sleek look blends right in, and most important, the pail’s steel body and tightly sealed lid keeps the smell of dirty diapers where it belongs--out of your nose. You can use regular kitchen trash bags with the Ubbi (unlike the Diaper Genie), which means one less thing to worry about or spend money on.

Ubbi ($70)

2. A Hands-Free Nursing Bra

You now think about boobs more frequently than a seventh-grade boy. And while you’ve probably got the pump (and finally sorta kinda figured out how to use it), you might not know how vital a hands-free bra can turn out to be. Hey, if you’re going to be pumping this much, you might as well be able to shop online and text while you’re at it.

Medela ($34)

3. A Comfortable Gilder

Before you flip out at the expense, think of it as paying rent: You will literally be living in this thing for the next 12 months. (Get the one that reclines.)

Serena & Lily (from $1,295)

4. A Reliable Baby Monitor

Don’t waste your money on just any old monitor. Invest in one that’s as cute as it is practical. The VTech Safe&Sound VM344-2 Pan & Tilt Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras has everything you could possibly need. High-resolution LCD screen? Check. Automatic night vision? Check. Pan, tilt and zoom? Check. Two cameras that look like sweet little owls? Aw, check, check.

 VTech ($260)

5. A Handy How-To Manual

Love timelines and order? Think you’re an ace at predicting the unpredictable? Then The Wonder Weeks is definitely for you. This parenting book gives you everything you need to know, week by week, about your baby. (Why is she suddenly so fussy? Where did your perfect little sleeper disappear to?) Plus there’s a nifty app for on-the-go “Why is my 22-week-old rejecting the bottle?” questions. 

The Wonder Weeks ($15)

6. Plenty of Muslin Blankets

Burp cloth, unintentional diaper, swaddling blanket (here’s a handy how-to)… muslin blankets are great for anything. They may also be what passes as a shirt for you some days. Who knew a single piece of elephant-print cloth could do so much?

Buy Buy Baby ($35)

7. Grass Drying Racks

Hand-washing bottles is a pain (and your kitchen counters will quickly become a baby-product wasteland). This grass drying rack is here to make the clutter look cute. The spring green is playful, while the winter clear fits nicely into a modern kitchen.

Boon Grass ($12)

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