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We all have that friend: You’re barely inside her front door and—as your eyes dart from her clutter-free foyer to her perfectly pruned philodendron—you start to question every home decor decision you’ve ever made in your life. Here, seven essential items to invest in to mimic her impeccable style. 


stylish home lamp


Any stylish woman will tell you: Say hell no to overhead light. Instead, invest in table and floor lamps that brighten rooms strategically—like over the couch or beside your bed. (Hey, they’re called “task” lamps for a reason.)

stylish home pillows

Mismatched Throw Pillows

Step away from the matchy-matchy options that came with your living room set. A better choice is to snap up a range of colors, textures and sizes. Need help laying them out? Try the 2:2:1 rule.

stylish home art

Oversized (and Professionally Framed) Art

Gone are the days when free-floating posters should be dotting your walls. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for original art you love that can give a room—like your dining area or kitchen—a focal point. (Sites like Twyla make it a breeze to shop for one-of-a-kind, and already framed, pieces online.)

stylish home greenery

Statement Greenery

Potted plants—like a well-pruned philodendron or elephant ear—are the easiest way to transform an empty and awkward corner that, up until now, has had zero purpose aside from collecting dust. Concerned you have a black thumb? It’s all about assessing your space (and natural lighting conditions) before you buy.

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stylish home candle


Set out in the right places, they cast a warm and flickering light that instantly cozies up any space. Opt for a scent that isn’t too overpowering, as well as a candle holder—like this floral one from Diptyque—that is chic enough to double as decor.

stylish home mirror

A Floor-to-Ceiling Mirror

Think the freestanding kind (not the type that has to be nailed into the wall). It serves as another focal point—but one that seamlessly reflects the angles and light of the room to make it feel larger and taller.

And a Well-Curated Bookshelf

Whatever you do, don’t let yours become a receptacle for every unimpressive read and knickknack you don’t know what to do with. Instead, put some thought into the titles—and collectibles—on display (and don’t be afraid to play around with negative space). 

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