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I am 28-year-old adult. I am also, in a great twist of irony, a home decor editor. Yet as of three weeks ago, for the first time in my adult life, I finally own an actual bed. Umm, what? Let me tell you how we landed here…

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the inside bed review 3
Courtesy of Grace Beuley Hunt


The reason for this belated milestone is multi-pronged. First of all, my fiancé and I disagree vehemently on the definition of a bed. He has always insisted that the box spring/mattress combo we’ve toted around in the five plus years since college, is, in fact a bed. (Nope, not the same thing, dude.)

Secondly, I’m picky. Like, really picky. I won’t buy anything for my home unless it’s a) Unique and b) A great deal. I fancy myself a bit of a Craigslist ninja, but a secondhand bed? A little too intimate for this gal. Lastly, I couldn't make up my mind on style. While I love some of the hot textiles of the moment (I go weak at the knees for a good shibori), I stressed about finding something that wouldn't go out of style. While I knew I wanted an upholstered headboard,  I couldn't decide between the trendy, low-to-the-ground look, or a traditional slatted bed frame. And what about mattress support? Elevated box spring or modern bunky board? As you can see, the search was going nowhere fast. 

the inside bed review 2
Courtesy of Grace Beuley Hunt


All of which brings us to The Inside. After visiting the chic new start-up's NYC offices this summer—and feeling the quality in person—I knew I had found a reason to pull the trigger. Their shpiel? Customizable, made-to-order furniture with a fashion-forward approach. 

Here's how it works: First, you select a furniture model (in the bed category, they currently offer five different frames). Next, you "customize" your model by choosing an upholstery fabric (there are nearly 100 options available, with more rolling out every few weeks). Once you place your order, the bed is manufactured here is the U.S., and shipped to your door within the month—at a refreshingly reasonable price point and with little waste product. 

After some final hemming and hawing, I ordered the Modern Wingback Bed in bone linen ($999), which felt like the right mix of modern and traditional in its silhouette, and was a serene, timeless upholstery choice. 

Four weeks later, the bed arrived in two separate, extremely heavy boxes. I decided to attempt assembly when my fiancé was out of town and quickly realized I was in over my head. If you’re of beginner or even intermediate skills, I’d highly recommend hiring a handyman. Or you can call up your handy little brother—which is what I did. It took the two of us about an hour to assemble together, with him handling the bulk of the instruction-reading and drill-using. While the process had me craving a cocktail, it definitely speaks to the sturdiness of the product: It's built like a ship. 

the inside bed review 1
Courtesy of Grace Beuley Hunt


I mean, what a difference. First off, the room now looks like an actual grown woman lives there. The bed frame looks so much more expensive than it is and the linen texture is really luxurious in person. Every morning I now attempt hospital corners, karate chop my pillows and fluff and fold my duvet into thirds at the foot of the bed. Why? Because the bed is a feature now—and it demands respect. Even the fiancé  agrees.

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