The Best Kind of Plant to Grow in Every Type of Apartment

No windows? No problem

The dilemma: Every time you decide to improve your home and get a plant, it immediately dies. Find out which plant thrives best in your apartment, so you can finally have that gorgeous green space you’ve always wanted. (Yep, even if you live in the basement.)

How to Sleep When You Live on the Loudest Street Ever

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I Have A Basement Apartment With Zero Light

Never fear, subterranean city dwellers--you can still plant a gorgeous indoor garden. Succulents barely need any light and are pretty much un-killable, so stick with plants like cactuses, aloe and agave.

Hmm, My Kitchen Gets So-so Light

Most apartments are surrounded by other buildings, so it’s common to have mostly shady rooms that are occasionally sunny throughout the day. Brighten things up with vibrant plants that thrive in part-shade environments, like these gorgeous potted calathea plants.

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The Realtor Called My Living Room "sun-drenched"

Yesss, you can plant flowers, like geraniums, African violets and hibiscus, and they’ll actually thrive at your place. Just make sure you stick them next to a bright window and give them plenty of water.

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I'm Fancy, I Have A Balcony

…Or even if you just have a rickety fire escape you consider a balcony, you have the perfect place to start an herb garden. Plant basil, rosemary, thyme and parsley, and don’t forget to use 'em when you cook. (Fine, you can also put them on your Seamless.)

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Yep. I Have An Actual Backyard

Congratulations, you're one of the lucky ones! But chances are, your city backyard doesn’t have any grass or trees, so get creative with climbing plants like lilacs, clematis and hydrangeas to create as much green space as possible. Voilà, you’re in the suburbs.

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