The 5 Secrets of People Who Don't Have Clutter

It's time to cut the crap

You can barely close the linen closet. The ice-cream maker you haven’t used in three years is a dust magnet. And we won’t even talk about where you’ve hidden the medical-grade foot massager you purchased on a tipsy Amazon whim.

When the clutter takes on a life of its own, it’s time to heed the advice of experts. Here are the five secrets of people who don’t have clutter.

Style Me Pretty

They Get Rid Of Things They Don't Like

The intention was great, but you never really liked the rug your mother-in-law bought you as a housewarming gift. So why hang on to something that makes you grimace every time you walk through the door? If you don’t like it or never use it, say buh-bye and make room for things that will turn your frown upside down.

Danielle Moss

When They Buy Something New, They Let Go Of Something Old

It’s the one-for-one rule that not only assuages the guilt of splurging on a new item but also makes room for it in your house. Whether you’re bringing home a new sweater or a new couch, you’ve gotta kick something to the curb. Services like this can help sell your stuff if Craigslist gives you the creeps.

Lincoln Barbour

They Organize, Organize, Organize

For clutter-free people, organizing isn’t a chore, it’s a way of life. So create a system and stick with it. Decorative boxes, mason jars and vases are great ways to sort and consolidate items, from desk supplies to travel-sized toiletries. Color-coding containers for things like holiday decorations will help you locate them easily when the season comes.

They Digitize Things

Yes, it’s wise to hang on to your tax returns, but who said they have to be hard copies? Scan any and all documents you don’t need on hand and save them to a hard drive or the cloud. It’s easier to organize digital files anyway. We’d say the same for your CD collection, but we know how much you love that B*Witched album.

They've Said Good-bye To Mr. Junk Drawer

We all have that place where we store the stuff we’re not sure what to do with. But take our advice: Trash most of what’s in that drawer and move the things you actually need to their rightful homes.