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Sure, we’d love to roll up to Thanksgiving with delectable homemade dishes in tow. But the truth is, the last time we cooked, it was 2009 (and it didn't go well). Thankfully, there are pumpkin flower vases. A gorgeous addition to the dining or buffet table, this festive offering will charm the pants off even the most discerning host. Below, the fabulous Christina Stembel of Farmgirl Flowers shares how to create a professional arrangement all on your own. Happy Turkey Day-ing, friends.

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pumpkin vase tutorial 3
Farmgirl Flowers

What you’ll need:

  • A small (six- to eight-inch) pumpkin
  • ~ 20 flowers, preferably 4 different varieties in varying colors, and including one autumnal “bloom” (like wheat, millet or scabiosa)
  • ~ 10 sprigs of greenery ofr foliage (which you can forage from the backyard)
  • A small plastic cup
  • Chicken wire (or tape)
  • A sharp knife to cut your pumpkin
  • Sharp scissors or floral shears

pumpkin vase tutorial 2
Farmgirl Flowers

What to do:

Step 1: Place the cup over the stem of your pumpkin and trace the edge with a pen. 

Step 2: Carefully cut into the pumpkin, following the tracing. Cut down into the center of the pumpkin until the stem portion comes off.

Step 3: Remove stem and scoop out the pumpkin guts, just enough so that your plastic cup can fit inside. (The edge of the cup should be within half an inch of the edge of the pumpkin to keep it securely in place.)

Step 4: Take the piece of chicken wire and form it in the shape of a flattened or squished ball. Carefully put it in the cup, making sure it fits snuggly without puncturing. Fill cup with water.

Step 5: Flower time! First, randomly add seven pieces of greens around the perimeter of the pumpkin. Next, add in your first flower variety, staggering the heights, starting about half an inch from the top of the pumpkin. Now add your second variety of flowers, and do the same, starting low and moving upward, staggering heights by at least two inches.  And one more time with the third variety, but leave these taller and pair them, staggering them only one inch in height. Now add the festive “bloom” (wheat, millet, hypericom or scabiosa) and leave these taller, angled to the left or right, avoiding placing in the middle of the arrangement. Lastly, fill any remaining holes with greenery to ensure the shape is full. Tweak as necessary.

(Watch the video above to see how it all comes together.)

pumpkin vase tutorial 1
Farmgirl Flowers

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