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The #1 Reason to Take Photos of Your Home Before You Leave on Vacation

Why is it when you’re barefoot in the TSA body scanner that you start running through all the things you forgot to double, triple, quadruple check before leaving the house? (Yes, the hair straightener is off...right?) That’s why we love this easy little trick.

What you do: Include “snap some house photos” in your travel to-do list and make sure you check it off before dashing out the door.

Why this works: Your mind may be in a million places as you lock the doors (you locked the doors, right?), but you can’t argue with photographic evidence. When you finally get to that place where you start panicking about the tasks you potentially forgot (closing the garage door! Turning off the stove!), you can quickly consult your phone’s camera roll and put your mind at ease.

Peace of mind is the best, isn’t it? Let the vacation begin.

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