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Ah, seasonality: There’s a time to reap, a time to sow and a time to economically accessorize with stripes and shells in a modern way. Here are 11 tips, from adding chic stripes to throwing a few rocks and shells around your home and nabbing the classic and cool chair that’s blowing out of Ikea.

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Pare Down

Less is more. So take half the accessories you were hoarding tablescaping and box them up in the attic. There, don’t you feel lighter already?

Mix in Stripes

Go big (upholstery!) or small (an accent pillow), but definitely include them. Stripes make an entire room whisper c’est cool.

Create a Coral Moment

A gorgeous cluster of authentic coral or a nouveau fabricated replica is the Pimm’s cup of décor.

String Flowers

We’re pinning all our flowers to the wall, so that they dry upside down. (Because the vase thing is so meh by comparison.)

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Ease into Wicker

Add a headboard or chair (we’ve fallen hard for this Ikea armchair) and suddenly you’re summery.

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Tablescape Crystals

Arrange some clear quartz on a table for a sparkling, nature-based accent. (While you’re at it, see if you don’t experience increased balance, focus and clarity.)

Natural Art

Feeling all summery is about bringing the outdoors in, so a print depicting flora and fauna will really help.

Garden Stool

It’s a side table, it’s an ottoman, it’s extra seating, it’s the non-stainable version of a pouf. And it comes in a rainbow here.

Install a Seagrass Rug

The LBD of summer decor.

Scatter Shells in Your Table Setting

We’re not advocating for a crazy-grandma dusty bowl of them in the loo. We want you to leave a lovely one on everyone’s plate for a souvenir. 

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