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Hams and hots cookout on repeat (for the 22nd year in a row)? Time to spice things up, ladies. We checked in with our friends at Pinterest to find the trendiest ways to entertain this summer.

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Edible Flower Garnishes

Whether on a cupcake, a salad or a rosé cocktail, topping off offerings with edible florals (think hibiscus or basil blossoms) will elevate any gathering to special occasion status.

Middle Eastern Alternatives to BBQ Sauce

Spicy harissa and cold, tangy tzatziki drizzles are the condiments of summer 2017. (You can thank us later.)

Front Yards Are the New Backyards

Porch party? Ohhh, yes. A quasi-European spirit of inclusivity (hey neighbor, come join for a drink!) is strong this summer, with hostesses searching for solutions to make their stoops, porches and front lawns more entertainment optimized.

Upcycled Fruit

This season, folks are thinking twice before tossing cantaloupe rinds, coconut shells and hollowed-out watermelons, and instead using them as budget-savvy vessels for serving up cocktails, salads and more.

Outdoor Gallery Walls

A blank wall is a blank wall, and these days, folks are looking for creative, weather-appropriate ways to decorate those of the outdoor variety. Hang ceramic plates, straw hats, oars and driftwood art on an exterior wall for instant sophistication.

Bunless BBQs

While burgers and dogs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, this summer is all about going carbless on the grill. Think colorful burger bowls or bunless cheeseburger bites.


And on that note, meet the premiere food trend of summer 2017: Hollowed out pineapples stuffed with pork ribs, wrapped in bacon and grilled to caramelized perfection. Gluttonous fun for the whole family. 

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